Decadent Chocolate Sauce

Looking for a simple chocolate sauce? This has only four ingredients and is easy on time.

Heat up your double boiler. “What the deuce is a double boiler” you ask? Well let me tell you. It’s a saucepan that you add a little water to and heat on the stove so it’s nice and steamy, kinda like those cheesy Hallmark movies, and then you fit a stainless steel bowl on top of it so that you are actually heating what’s in the bowl with the steam from underneath. It’s a perfect way to melt your chocolate. If you didn’t understand that, Google it.

So in your double boiler:

1/4 cup of coconut milk (I use plain, but I’m sure a vanilla, or chocolate would taste fine)
1 TB of butter (I use the “Earth Balance buttery spread”)
splash of vanilla

When the butter has completely melted add
1 cup of chocolate chips.
My absolute favorite is the “Enjoy Life” brand. They are dairy free and only contain 3 ingredients.

Stir in your chocolate chips and move your double boiler to a cool surface or a burner you’re not using. Continue to stir the chocolate until it’s nice and melted. If the sauce is too thick for you, add a little more coconut milk until you are happy with the consistency. Use this chocolate sauce to drizzle on baked goods, to dip fruit in, or to bribe your children with to finish their homework.


– Add a dash, or more depending on how your day was, of an espresso liqueur. My favorite is the “Dancing Pines Distillery” liqueur.

– You can add peanut butter instead of regular butter.