Like A Strawberry Shortcake

You know in the summer when everyone is chowing down on strawberry shortcake and all you get is a bowl of  strawberries and whip cream? And if you can’t have dairy, then you’re eating a bowl of fruit with a fake smile, all the while wishing everyone would choke on their shortcake. This is a really delicious recipe that I’m sure will make all those gluten eaters jealous.

I used a Pamela’s Gluten Free vanilla cake mix. There are several recipes on the bag, I used the “dense” recipe, but use what you think you’ll like.
Pour the cake batter into a greased 9×13 pan, even though it seems the pan might be too big, the cake fluffs up pretty good and still leaves enough room to top it with berries. Follow the baking instructions that are on the bag.
When the cake is done let it cool, then top with the “Decadent Chocolate Sauce”.
Take a bag of frozen strawberries and let them thaw so they’re nice and mushy. Help them out a little by smashing them, 😉 then pour them over the chocolate covered cake. Top with fresh berries and your favorite whip topping. Enjoy!


-If you want the cake to soak up some of the strawberry juice, put them on the cake before you put on the chocolate.